Help needed

Hi everyone. I need your opinion on whats happening to me. I am 16, turning 17 in a few weeks and maybe 3 weeks ago i noticed a small (maybe a cm and a half) lump on my breast it was quite hard and barely movable. My breasts are really really small so i cant surely tell if im moving the lump or the whole breast tissue. I didnt think much of it since i had another lump before that went away but this one felt a lot different since it was harder. Then in these cca 3 weeks time the lump at least doubled or trippled in size and if i look carefuly i can see it protruding. Now it is about 3-4 cm in size but is a bit more movable than before i think. I am really shy to tell my mom and my family doctor is male and i dont know what to do and it quite frightens me. On the other hand i know breast malignancies in adolescence are extremely rare so im not sure if i should still wait to see if it goes away but so far it is only growing very rapidly. Any advice, please?

Hi, it might just be that it is normal developing breast tissue? You should see a GP and get it checked out though, there’s a lot to be said for gut instinct. Good luck and let us know how you get on x

Oh i forgot to mention that the lump feels like it has 2 smaller lumps “glued” to it. Also it feels like it has quite irregular and bumpy edges, and the lump doesnt feel completely oval And on the skin on top of the lump has a tiny red patch that i just noticed yesterday. Thanks for Your advice!

Please tell your mum love, don’t be shy or embarrassed, I would be very upset if you were my daughter and felt you couldn’t tell me, your mum will help you get it all checked out and take the pressure off you, the chances of it being anything serious at your age are minimal but you will carry on worrying if you don’t get it checked, my niece is 19 and she’s suffers with Cysts and they grow and change shape, let us know how you get on Xxx