Help. Now have high BP, high cholesterol and poss diabetes

Has anyone else on Tamoxifen found that taking it has led to other health problems? It might not be tam, but I had a bp check which was high so the nurse sent me for a fasting bloods too. On Wednesday last week I had a letter from the doctors telling me “congratulations. You risk of developing cardio vascular disease is 10%. We will see you in 5 years.” Three days later I had two letters. One saying my cholesterol is too high and the other asking me to make a routine appointment at the diabetic clinic.

I can’t take any more pills. I will rattle. ( I am also on anti depressants to counteract the side effects from Tamoxifen )

I am only 47 but feel about 90. I will admit to being overweight by about 2 stones but eat really healthily

Grateful for any comments

Love Debbie