Help, one hairy armpit

Following my mastectomy and lymph removal last week I’ve no idea what to do about shaving the affected armpit. I tried to use my usual razor but quickly stopped as it dragged on the skin. Am I just supposed to leave it? It’s not a good look. Are we allowed to use hair removal cream or an electric razor? Any tips much appreciated. X

Hi Feelthefear. I’m a year on now after left mastectomy and lymph removal. I’ve never regained feeling under my left arm so shaving is a real problem as I’m terrified of cutting myself. So probably best if you don’t worry for the moment and wear long sleeves! I now use an electric razor very carefully. Debbie xx

I was told I would be able to use cream but not sure when!
I have had an axillary clearance now so will have to leave well alone!


Thanks Debbie.
Mine is numb too.
I also have a seroma build up so it’s feels very strange. I had my long hair cut very short recently as well so it’s not such a shock when it falls out during chemo. I feel a bit like I’m in a strangers body at the minute. I barely recognise myself. The hairy pit is just the icing on the cake. X

Thanks Sandra. I’m going to ring a bcn and ask about the cream. X

Hi, I’ve found three hands is best for this problem. Hubby holds skiin up and away, as I have a funny fold left. Then I peer up and under and work the razor away from the scar. It being numb certainly doesn’t help at all, and I think when I get sorted the electric razor seems best. The smell of the cream knocked me sick!?  If there’s a definitive answer out there I’d love to know. One hairy ( very) armpit is not a good look with summer coming!!! 

I’m so glad I’m not alone with this issue! Thank goodness for this forum. I had my dressings off on Tuesday after WLE and SNB. I was desperate for a proper bath and to deal with the hairy armpit issue. Realised numb/stinging armpit plus lumpy/bruised/swollen underarm was probably not the best starting point for this so left it. I’d be interested to know if and when cream is an option otherwise I’ll be spending summer in long sleeves!

I’ve just spoken to one of the bc nurses and she’s advised that because I don’t have any wounds under my arm I can shave as normal. ?My lymph nodes were taken out through the boob incision.
However, because I’m numb and have fluid it feels too weird so I’m going to get some hair removal cream and give that a go. She says that’s fine too. X

Hi feel the fear

so glad u posted this. My nodes were done through mastectomy incision too and I took an electric razor to them yesterday. Then panicked that perhaps I should not have done ! At least I now know it’s ok. And it’s more than an ok feeling now the offending hair is gone ?


Thanks for the update, one and all! I’m off to attempt bath number 2 since the dressings came off. Have noticed a lot more swelling since Tuesday so my armpit looks and feels worse than ever! Going to try and give it some love without slicing an artery or two. 


Happy depilating, ladies! 

I had mx and sentinel node removal 3 weeks ago, I started shaving after 1 week after dressing was removed and using deodorant with no problems I couldn’t stand it a minute longer! I hope I’ve nor done any damage but all healing seems ok x

I’m kind of relieved so many of you have responded to my post. Here I was me thinking I was the only one who didn’t know how to combat the hairy problem.
Well I tried and failed this afternoon with the Veet mouse. I’m such a wimp. Stood and let it do its thing for the recommended 10 mins then failed miserably at trying to scrape the hair off. It just feels so weird. Like nails down a black board. ?
I’m going to get hubby to try and help tomorrow and if that fails I’m investing in an electric razor. Good luck ladies. X

Hahaha. Brilliant eggster. I’m sure you’ll look great in your dress hairy or not. ?

I have a veet precision sensitive styler which will come in handy!
Lots of different heads…not cheap but has been worth the investment.

Sandra x

I was told to avoid using a razor again in case of cuts so I bought a battery shaver but it left my armpits really sore for a couple days each time so I went back to shaving with a razor and to be honest I’ve never cut my armpit shaving and I just try to be very careful. It’s been over a year since my lumpectomy and SNB and the scar is still numb therefore I don’t shave as often as I used to.  I haven’t tried using cream purely because of all the chemicals so if anyone can recommend something not so harsh, please share!

I wonder why with all that we have going on with ourselves we worry about a hairy armpit ? I am just the same had mastectomy on Tuesday came home Tuesday night and said to my daughter you need to help me shave my armpits soon ?