Help please!


I know that I’m probably not alone by what I’m going to say but just want to ask if anyone else is experiencing any of these symptoms & feelings at the moment and looking for some advice & reassurance.

I’m 49 and was diagnosed with Grade 3 DCIS Breast Cancer in November 2020. I promptly had surgery (right breast Mastectomy & total clearance of all lymph nodes under my arm). I then had 4 months of accerlerated Chemotherapy & 3 weeks of Radiotherapy. During all that time I remained mainly positive and upbeat particularly for my husband & two children who were 9 & 10 at the time although I had my moments of feeling unwell, upset, anxious, terrified etc.

Fast forward 21 months of when I was first diagnosed, I’m feeling really out of sorts. Whether it’s a case of its just hit me as to the journey I’ve been through I don’t know? Is it normal to still be feeling like this nearly 2 years down the line??

As my cancer was ER+positive (estrogen receptor fed) I’ve been on Tamoxifen since May 2021 which I’m on for 10 years. I’m also on low dosage Blood thinning medication as I suffered from blood clots following Covid in October last year so am on that for life.

The hospital said that Chemo could possibly induce the menopause. (Shortly before I was diagnosed with cancer, my periods completely stopped in June/July 2020 and came off the Progesterone Only Pill and have not since returned). Does this mean I have gone through the menopause (post menopause) as its been more than a year since my periods have stopped? I’m thinking I should get a blood test done to see where I’m at as I have hot flushes, fatigue, weight gain, feelings of brain fog, anxiousness, trouble sleeping sometimes etc also to see what my hormone levels are or if I’m deficient in anything?

I’m feeling quite sad & tearful whilst writing this and sometimes look at myself in the mirror and there are days when I feel ok and accept who I am but then there are days when I look at myself but don’t recognise that person staring back at me. I just want to move on with life as I feel its hampering other areas of my daily life. I don’t seem to have alot of energy or motivation but am frustrated as I know something has to change not just for me but also for the sake of my poor husband & children.

Please help! 

Sarah Glad you’ve reach out to bcn Do try ringing the number on here and speak to a nurse about getting checked to see if you’ve gone through menopause they will advise you. But yes if it were me I’d get checked with gp. There are no right or wrongs of how you cope with bc diagnosis and how you get through treatments you do it your way and same for how you learn to live with what you’ve been through You will find what works for you We all do in our own way and own time Do please look at a moving forward course with bcn, if you’ve already been on one when you finished treatments then please do consider another one It’s such a rollercoaster and there will be days when you just catch yourself thinking did that actually happen to me It’s such a mixture of emotions to get through, denial, protecting loved ones, wanting to dream and shout when now one’s around so many different things I used music a lot for all the ups and downs, sias chandelier during chemo and for after treatments the this is me song worked wonders Others will pop on and offer their help support and guidance too I’m not on tamoxifen but I think others with certain brands cans get low lows caused by the tamoxifen so hopefully one will pop on and share their experience :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx