Help! Pregnant and I'm still on herceptin!!

Hi I’m new to posting on this forum. I have found myself reading this site numerous times throughout my treatment and now as I’m nearing the end of my journey I desperately seek advice. I was diagnosed on 28th October 2015 with Grade 3 BC HER2 positive. I was 33 at time of diagnosis, happily married with a little 3 year old girl. At the point of diagnosis my husband and I had just decided to try for a baby to complete our family. Our lives were completely turned upside down and I was catapulted into a journey of adjuvant chemotherapy, mastectomy of left breast with immediate reconstruction, lymph node clearance and a course of radiation. I also have 18 herceptin to complete and I am on number 14, course should end in March. I was given zolladex to protect my ovaries which stopped in March and I was so pleased when my periods started back in August. 

Life was just beginning to get back on track for our family, getting back to work and the gym I was feeling good and then life has thrown another curveball! My period was late and to my disbelief I carried out pregnancy test on New Year’s Eve and its positive! I’m shocked and terrified! Having lived like a nun for well over a year we have literally only had sex a few times and thought we were being careful. 

As the hospital was closed I have had to absorb the news but I have done nothing but cry, this baby is so longed for but I don’t want to stop treatment, is this wrong to feel like that? I’m so frightened and don’t know if I’m strong enough to deal both mentally or physically, but on the other hand maybe this is a gift? Having phoned hospital today I now have appointment to see oncologist but not until next week in the meantime they have stopped treatment. 

I have googled and read every bit of information. I feel so alone. I also spoke briefly to my nurse and she too was shocked. I’m worried about my health, baby’s development and impact of not completing herceptin. My emotions are all over the place, I just wish this was a year or two from now when I’m stronger. My husband feels the same. Any advice would be appreciated? 

Hi JandkandI,

Welcome to the forum and thank you so very much for your post.

Great news! I am also sorry to hear that it has been confusing for you and that you’re feeling alone. I am sure one of our users will be along soon to show their support and share their experiences.

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