Help regarding mouth

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering If anyone could help me regarding my dry,sticky and tasteless mouth. It has been 3.5 weeks since i finshed my treatment but my mouth is still very dry and metallic taste. I have used antifungal stuff and spray for artificial salive but nothing works. Anybody has any other ideas or suggestions?


Hi Shammo
I know exactly what you mean. Unfortunately I was not able to find a cure but it does definitely get better as time goes on. It is early days for you yet but hang in there!!
Love Cate

Hi just roam the sites i just had my last round of chemo and i have found having really cold drinks and gaggling with salt after cleaning my teeth up till now has worked, no mouth ulcers and it kicks my taste buds back. i have always done this as i suffered with septic throats so was really worried how the chemo would affect me.
Hope it might help you it also keeps your sinius clear as they sometimes play up.
take care

Hi There,
Has anyone got advice for mouth ulcers??? Day 10 after first Taxotere, my mouth erupted like vesuvius!! got 8 ulcers… I have been using corsodyl, adcortyl in orabase and difflam. I had thrush too just prior to ulcers so I’m on Nystan too… Down to eating soup and smooties now and feeling quite miserable…


Fiona X

yes the chemo really got my mouth too and annoyingly rads started it off again a bit too. Nurse told me it is very important to eat and drink enough while on rads and she was right. I likened my mouth to having been in the Sahara for 2 weeks with my mouth open. It was unquenchable. One thing that helped was keeping squirty bottles of water in the fridge and drinking small amounts constantly. lollies seemed to help too.I was also given liquid saliva drops, but kept imagining them collecting it from dribbling dogs lol. It definitely goes and you will just suddenly realise it has improved.
Feemac I had all of those cures, yuk!Sorry I didn’t get any mouth ulcers but if you do a search there were a lot of cures given online when i was still on chemo.
Good luck and hope it improves for you all very soon
Lily x

Hi there, it was great to read your comments about the horrible mouth problem.I had thrush during chemo’s 4,5 and 6 and everything tasted like cat litter and was dry and chalky. I had my last chemo on 31st march and have got 4 more sessions of radio and would you believe it last week the thrush came back and my eyelashes and most of my eyebrows have gone. I am so fed up, I am trying to move forward and feel that i have taken 3 steps back. Has this happened to anyone else,is it the after effects of chemo or the tamoxifen that I have been on for 3 weeks? How long before everything starts to grow or is is false eyelashes and the wig for another few weeks/months? HELP!
Fifi x