Help understanding mums treatment

Hello me again.  


Since my last thread, mum has been diagnosed with Stage 2 B.C and has been told will need chemotherapy and surgery. She has been told the lymph nodes appear normal. She has a C.T scan this week and i have a few questions if anybody can help.   


  1. is the CT scan going to look for any tumours elsewhere or does it look to see if the cancer has spread? I’m confused as to what it’s used for. 


  1. if mum has been told the lymph nodes look normal already, what’s the likelihood that there will be cancer outside of breast? 


I’m trying to stay positive but every appointment so far has involved upsetting/scary news and I’m scared we have more on the way. 


Thanks in advance 


Candice x

Hi Candice,
This is always such an anxious time, but it does get better when the investigations are completed & treatment starts.
It’s good that the nodes appear normal & it’s stage 2.
The ct scan, presumably, is to double check everything & it sounds like they are being thorough.
Even if there is node involvement, outcomes are very good these days, so there is no reason not to be positive.
As well as coming on here, if you haven’t already, do look at the main bcc site for information, advice & suppprt if needed.
ann x