Help with menopause

Hello. I was diagnosed December 2019. Hormone positive. Have since been diagnosed with BRCA2. Had my ovaries removed last week. Now menopause symptoms have stepped up a notch. Not allowed HRT. Any advice from people in same boat. The headaches and the brain fog is horrible. 

Hello @Caroline Q  

Sorry to hear you are struggling with menopause symptoms, it’s a bit disheartening isn’t it with all the “noise” about menopause and the benefits of HRT when there is such a large number of ladies for whom this simply isn’t an option. 
Did you watch the second Davina programme on menopause? If you did you will have seen a doctor called Dr Annice Mukherjee (a hormone specialist who has had breast cancer herself). In the programme she talked about the development of a new menopause drug which doesn’t involve hormones although we are some way off this being available. 
In the meantime I can highly recommend Dr Mukherjee’s book The Complete Guide to the Menopause: it’s really well written and easy to follow and gives lots of advice on how to deal with menopause symptoms in ways that don’t involve HRT

AM xxx