help with my diagnosis

Hi Everyone

I have been employed for the last 4 years as a counsellor for people who have had cancer. My last diagnosis was 5 years ago and 23 years with another diagnosis before this. I do plan to go to work again if my chemo is okay. I wondered what people who have breast cancer them selves feel. Would you be happy to be counselled by someone who has breast cancer themselves ?
Please let me know it would be very useful.

Hi Molly
yes I would have no problem with that. For me, the relationship is of paramount importance and I think it would help some people in terms of empathy/shared experience. I have seen a psychologist all thro this second diagnosis/round of treatment and I wouldn’t have objected in the slightest as long as her issues were kept in place (I’m sure you know what I mean!!)
hope that makes sense and is useful
monica x

hi molly

i think your patients may not know you have BC even on chemo not everyone looks like your typical cancer patient.

but i wouldnt have mended being counselled by somebody who had cancer so long as their own experience didnt influence the counselling.

i work as a genetic breast care nurse but not sure how i would feel doing it while i was going through treatment. most of my patients wouldnt have a clue whether i had cancer or not.

occasionally i will self divulge but that is very rare but and its only to let the patient understand that i do really know what they are going through and not just saying that.

you may find that at the moment its a bit too close to home at the moment and want to take some time off but that doesnt mean you have to change your career completely maybe just a break for you to deal with it yourself.

we have clinical supervision anyway working in cancer care but my employers are keen for me to utilise psychological services for myself if i need them… for me personally i try to remain self aware to ensure that i am not putting my personal experiences or expectations, good or bad, on to my patient.


Thanks Lulu

I really do appreciate your comments, I am not sure whether having cancer for a long time I seem more able to deal with where I am at. I can only deal with where I am now. My supervision is massive helping me to deal with this.


Thanks Daisyleaf. I really appreciate your comments. Some times I have told peole but not often. Only usually if I think it has been usualful.

Molly - in fact I’d be happier to be counselled by someone who’d had direct experience of this disease than someone whose knowledge was abstract. I once had a flatmate with a drug dependency - no amount of rehab helped him until he got onto a programme run by ex-users.
He said that they shared a common language. I expect that might be the same for you and other cancer patients.
Best of luck with everything.

Thanks msmolly. I really do take on borad what you are saying.x