Help With Wigs - Teesside Area

Hi Ladies, I had my first course of chemo on Tuesday 15th December so am now just waiting for the side effects and thinking about wigs.

I’m undergoing my treatment under a consultant at Freemans Hospital in Newcastle but I actually live just near Middlesbrough on Teesside.

Apparently the appliance officer will arrange the paperwork for the wig but I’ve been told it will be written out to a place called Natural Images in Newcastle town centre. I have two problems with this, one is that I live an hour away from there and although I’ll be in that direction for chemo I don’t wanna be spending lots of time either before or after my chemo looking at the wigs, etc. The other problem is I’ve been advised not to use the Natural Images Shop (just one person’s opinion) and to speak to the place called Hair to Wear but that poses another problem as they are based in Hexham, although they do visit Freemans Hosp one day a week - just typically not the day that I have chemo.

Now, my questions are 1: Can I use the paperwork from the Newcastle Hospital to get a wig on Teesside somewhere and 2: If I can where is the best place to go for something natural looking.

Feeling bit rough today so not sure how much sense I’ve made but hopefully someone can help me out a bit.

Thanks in advance.


I got my wig from the Newcastle shop and thought the service was wonderful… i loved my wig and wore it throughout treatment… I guess the best thing would be to phone your bcn and see if they will let you go somewhere else though…


Thanks for that, was it the natural images shop you went to? I’m quite apprehensive about this as I also had cancer as a teenager and the wig I had then was not nice, I only wore it once but am hoping to get something I can wear more this time.

Yes - it is really close to the gate cinema complex in the centre of town… there is a gap between tiger tiger and the gate… if you go through that there is a small road - the natural images shop is on the left hand side about half way down the road…

The lady who did my fitting was lovely… i went along with a friend and they have small cubicles where you try on the wigs and they didn’t hurry me to make a decision or anything… i’ll just go and change my avatar piccie to one of me from last summer wearing mine…

Theresa x


Hi, I am from Marton in Middlesbrough and had a masectomy on 21st Dec 09. Got my results on 5 Jan and told got grade 3 with 3 out of 9 lymph nodes affected. Am being treated at James Cook and waiting for an appointment to arrange my treatment which is to be the full works: chemo/rad/tamoxifan. As yet don’t know what procedure is about getting wig (if needed) I am thinking of trying the cold cap.

Why are you being treated up at Newcastle?? Also did you get sorted with a wig in this area??

Hope things going well for you x


I have had my treatment at north tees and got my wigs from a shop in darlington they were brilliant and everyone loved them. forgot the name but will be able to find out for you mand x

Great, that would be lovely, thanks Mand


I think south tees use the same shop its called clinic something or other i will let you know Mand x