my head is up the proverbial!!! i went to the doctors on thursday with not a lump, but thickening in my right breast, accomponied by pain, the doctor examined me and i thought she would tell me to come back to see her, she didn’t and told me i needed to be seen at my local breast clinic…ok fine…but then she proceded to tell me to ring them the following day for an appointment…still didn’t think anything of it,as i thought this was normal practice…started dawning on me when i saw “urgent” on the telephone slip, and she used the words “fax over”!!! i am really struggling, cant concentrate, dont want to worry anyone!!! my appointment is for 13th feb, another 11 days off!!! did anyone else feel like this???. i have had other personal problems going on and don’t know if this is just one too many!!!

Hi Annie

I know exactly how you feel. I live in Gibraltar and found a lump before Christmas, one thing and another I had a referral on 9 January and my consultant classed me as urgent. After several weeks and lots of shouting I had my mammo last Thursday, ultrasound and biopsy today. Now its a waiting game as I have to wait for all the results to come in. Your not on your own. I have been the same since before Christmas. Easier said than done as to not to worry but you will and we all have and in some cases still are. If you are really worried, call your Doctor or ring the clinic and speak to one of the nurses. They will help and will reassure you.

As long as my results are back I should find out next week.

You need to talk to your friends and family who will help you through this. The one thing I found I told 2 friends, next minute the entire local pub knew but I will say one thing, rather than being upset I wasn’t because practically every woman that was in the pub admitted they went home and checked themselves over, which is something they hadn’t done previously. ONe woman found a lump and it was a cyst so some good comes out of talking to your friends.

Let us know how you get on.

Hi Annie

Of course you are worried, it is natural and the waiting is always the most difficult time.

I am sure you will receive plenty of supportive and informative posts but I thought you may like to read one of our factsheets which covers what happens during your referral to clinic.

I have given the link here, I do hope you find it a helpful read?

Kind regards.