I am due to start taking tamoxifen today and have been putting it off all morning. Have read so much awful stuff about it. I had my last chemo three weeks ago and the menopausal symptoms rotten as a result of it - periods stopped straight away, hot flushes. I’ve been barely able to walk due to joint/muscle pains - it’s still difficult and have not had a full night’s sleep since June. Sex life now non-exsistent due to pain/dryness - I find it embarrassing to talk about it - and my partner is at the end of his tether. He’s even been talking about leaving - we’ve been together 11 years, though I think that’s his way of lashing out. I’m really down about taking even more drugs long-term but I don’t have much alternative given that the tumour was oestreogen receptive. I’m 44. Also I have gone from a size eight/10 - nine stone to 12/14 11 stone since May. I was told that will start going back to normal but I’m worried it won’t know because of the tamoxifen. The consultant yesterday said to avoid fatty food - but I eat healthily and my appetite did not alter during chemo. The majority of my clothes no longer fit - hundreds of pounds of clothes, let alone the fact I don’t feel the same person I was. Maybe it will be better once I can do some exercise.

Hi vikki , my name is julie i am 37 and i started taking tamoxifen last nov .I felt the same as you the unknown how the menopause was going to affect me .I also got my ovaries out the beginning of this year which has brought it on real quick ,the hot flushes were bad but i started taking red clover which is a godsend ,the pains in my legs seem to get easier the more i walk about .As for the vaginal dryness it is so frustrating as like yourself my hubbie is getting a wee bit p…d off ,so i did some research on net and got this stuff called astro glide (wheyyyyyyyyyyyy) it is great bit messy but good ,my hubbie would be mortified at me saying that but hey they dont know how frustrating not being able to perform is .I hope this is of some help to you vikki .P.s i was 8 st before chemo i am now 10st which i hate i am now more concerned about my weight i know that sounds corny giving what we have had but its true ,my bc nurse used to get so annoyed at me going on about my weight .Anyway enough of me rabbling on
Take care vikki
Luv and hugs julie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I started taking tamoxifen in March, my onc suggested I take it when I go to bed as she believed there are less side effects. I usually have one hot flush of a night. And to get rid of the joint pains I see a reflexologist every 4 weeks and it keeps the pains away, if I leave it longer than 4 weeks they come back and I can hardly walk or sleep.

I have also put about 2 stone on, so I have joined the gym and use a trainer once a week. Initially I swam but as I began to feel stronger I have been working out and I am now doing 3 sessions up to 4 next week. I started about 9 weeks ago.

Good Luck

Hi elizabeth how are you finding the exercising is it helping with the weight issue ? I want to start myself .
Julie x

Hi Vicky

I totally understand what you are saying. I too am 44 and the chemo made me have awful memopause symptoms, no periods either and sex life almost impossible.

I decided not to take the Tamox, just couldn’t make myself take the tablets. When I went to see Onc he persuaded me to try Arimidex (and Zoladex just in case periods came back).

I decided to give it a go, as my tumour was very hormone receptive. I had my first injection in July, but just before I did, my periods came back and sex became normal again, so I was loath to spoil how I was feeling, but took it anway.

I started really watching what I eat and doing some walking, even if it hurt, and I must admit I feel better for the excercise. I have so far lost 1/2 stone, which is great. Not so great is the hot flushes which have now returned and the painful sex again, but I am using Replens and we manage!

I would say give it a go, if you can’t stand it, you can always stop. I can’t stand the thought that I am not doing all I can to prevent a recurrance, so am sticking with the treatment for now.

Let us know what you decide and how you get on.

Best wishes, Deborah xxx

Try Sylk. It’s a natural lubricant made from kiwi fruit and has helped me and my husband. I buy it off the internet and there’s always an advert in the amoena magazine.
take care

Thanks for all this. I’ve been taking it since last Thurs. Can’t tell any difference at the moment - still waking up in the night. Walking a bit better though ankles still hurt. I plan to go swimming in a couple of weeks when my immune system should be ok so at least I can get some exercise. Partner still cool with me - so no change there. Will just have to let things be for a while, though feel quiet isolated.
Thanks for the support though.

Hi, you can get REPLENS on prescription, i do, its ok, but i’d say if your not wanting a roll in the hay, take it the night before, you’ll still think your lying in the wet patch!!! put it in in the mornings like it says, and be prepared to have soggy underwear, its very similar to sylk, but you can get it on prescription