You have all been wonderful with advice, am in panic mode today.  Have a very messy list of questions to ask tomorrow and my head is all over tha place.  Any tips/lists/questions I should be asking be welcome. Trisha x

We all have /have had days like that Trisha .The first few weeks after diagnosis are very hard ,you alternate between hysteria ,anger ,disbelief then the occasional moments of calm!! But it does get better, it really does ,you do eventually feel calmer and able to deal with what comes next .
In the beginning the uncertainty is the hardest, once you know exactly what you are dealing with and what happens next you will feel calmer and more in control .Over the first few weeks they piece together information from different tests to establish what treatment you need and it is very anxiety provoking and so much to get your head round .Please try and remember that the vast majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer will be successfully treated and go on to live full and long lives .In a few weeks time you will look back on your posts from the early days and realise how much better you feel and how you and your family are getting some normality back amongst it all.Have you got someone to go with you to your appointment,it’s hard to take it in yourself .Jill.

What questions have you got so far ?

Trisha, know exactly where you’re coming from! Tried writing my own questions then found a booklet on this site which takes you through all the stages , plus questions. Think it’s called understanding your diagnosis? It was downloadable. Sure one of the CC’s will know. Best of luck, all fingers and toes crossed . ? X

Hi Trisha, Annie’s right. I’m on my mobile at the mo, but if you are viewing this on the full web page, the links to any info are on the right, or go to the main bcc site. It maybe worth a look if you haven’t already.
ann x