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Hi Everyone


If you’re using this section of the forum then, like me, you are probably needling a lot of reassurance in every direction. I stumbled across this article on the site and it is excellent reading :


I’ve suggested we have a link to useful reading where articles like this can be pinned but meantime, it’s been suggested I post the link where it’s needed. 


Hope you find it as grounding as I have (still trying to get my husband to read it but he seems to think it would jinx things, idiot :) 


Best wishes to you all,

Jan xx

Hi jaybro, show your post & read the link. Was very helpful & explain alot of things.



Hello Jan, 

Yes, I agree that it is a very useful article that can  help make sense of some of  the aftermath and coming to terms with it.  It was good to re read it. Thanks for posting the link -  I used it in a recent post to another member (credited to you of course!).


Another piece of writing that resonates with  me is “There’s a Mountain Lion In My Fridge” by Caitlin Feeley.  I just find this such a perceptive analogy.  I still laugh at certains bits, like the suggestion of “rubbing kale on it”.  There is a copy of it posted by Strawbs in the Coffee Lounge, Hope and Inspiration section of the forum.

Take care, 

Chick ? x