Helping dad support mum


Mum has secondary breast cancer in bones and more recently live. Currently going through chemo and on a cocktail of medication. Mum’s last chemo was 5 weeks ago - she delayed the next one till next week to allow her to go away but spent pretty much all of her time in bed in the hotel. Her main problem at the moment is extreme tiredness. Obviously I have many worries and questions but my key concern is helping my dad get his head round it. He is a man with a very high pain threshold and as with many men does not show emotion. He seems to think that mum should force herself to do things and not spend time all her time in bed. I have tried explaining it is the cancer/morphine/chemo which is affecting her but he does not seem to grasp it. He dotes on her but cant seem to accept the situation for what it is. I am worried that his thoughts will impact upon their relationship particularly as he is care giver. He is not the type to discuss things with others - he only says stuff to me when I confront an issue. Any ideas?

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