Helping Mum

Hi, im new here and keen to know other’s experience and how to cope with/what to expect going forward.

My mum had breast cancer in 2008 had the lump removed, radiotherapy and on drugs for a number of years. We were lead to believe once pass the 5 year mark she was pretty much out of the woods.

At the end of August having not seen her for 4 weeks i was shocked to see how thin she had become, she didn’t look herself and begged her to see a doctor. She wasn’t keen and said she was just stressed with caring for my nan and her elderly dog and hadn’t been eating much.

She went down hill quite quickly and after going 10 days of trying to get her seen via A & E and a paramedic she was finally admitted to hospital with high calcuim last saturday.

A CT scan confirmed the breast cancer has returned in the bones and lungs and a biopsy was carried out yesterday.

Has anyone had similar experience who would be able to help with what to expect next.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @walkwithme1 I have no personal experience of secondary cancer however I do have personal experience of speaking to the Breast Cancer Now nurses on 0808 800 6000 and I’m sure that a conversation with one of the specialist nurses will help you understand what to expect as your dear Mum goes through further treatment. She has been very brave to date, battling on to care for your gran but now she has to look after herself and I do hope she has a network around her that allows her to do so.

There is also a special area on the forum for people living with Secondary Cancer. I believe it is an area that you have to ask to join which may become relevant but, quite honestly, your first port of call should be the nurse helpline. It is an unhurried, calm, informative and reassuring place to start.

I wish you and your Mum all the best for the future.

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