Her 2 positive


Just wondering if there is any her2 positive breast cancer survivers out there that can give some reassurance i haven’t met anyone that has the same diagnosis as me an would appreciate any one to tell me there story an how long they have been cabcer free

Thank you Lisa 

Hi @Lw49  

I’m also HER2+ - though I haven’t had treatment yet my oncologist said that the upcoming chemotherapy treatment is curative so I’m taking that as very positive. An old work colleague of mine was diagnosed with HER2+ BC a few years ago and was declared cancer free a year later after having chemotherapy and surgery and has been fine since so there is definitely hope.

I think Herceptin treatment is meant to be pretty effective.

Good luck!

Soggs x

@Lw49   hi yes I was HER2 positive. I was diagnosed in March 2020 and am medically cancer-free now. 
I would say if you have “the works”, including monoclonals of pertuzumab and trastuzumab, one of the advantages is that you’ll have a full blood count every three weeks. I found that great for my peace of mind, I could see levels coming back after the chemo had taken its toll and I was reassured I was being monitored for the whole period.

good luck let us know how you get on x

Hi, I was diagnosed with HER2+++ and er+ 4/8 in Oct 2019. The lump was 4.5cm and one node in armpit was positive. I had 8 rounds of chemo (4 EC and 4 Docetaxol) plus 18 rounds of herceptin and pertuzimab.  
her2+ tumours tend to respond well to treatment as did mine and I had a complete pathological response (no residual cancer left). 
My oncologist told me that herceptin was a game changer for her+ breast cancer and with new targeted drugs being approved in just the last few years her+ tumours are now more treatable than those that are her2 negative. 
I had a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy in June 2020. 
touch wood I’m all clear… with just yearly mammograms. 
any questions let me know and good luck with your treatment x