HER testing

Have posted similarly in the radiotherapy section… I was just wondering about HER testing as it wasn’t mentioned in either my path. report or my surgeon’s letter to my GP…I have been told by others on this excellent forum that these results take much longer. I just wanted to know whether tumours are routinely tested for this or do they have to meet a certain criteria (size/grade/stage ?) If you have invasive ductal carcinoma intermixed with DCIS would they test - I believe that they don’t for DCIS alone.
Many thanks !

Hi chipper,HER2 testing is done as routine the same as ER and PR testing.HER2 results can take months to come back. I asked if my results were back after my 5th chemo dont know if I would have ever got told if I hadn’t asked. I dont know if this was because it was negative so they thought it wasn’t worth mentioning or maybe the result had only just came back.Do you have a bc nurse she should be able to find out for you.

best wishes Mel xxx

forgot to say I also had invasive ductal with some dcis.


Hi Melly - I have asked my BCN - am due to see her in 2 weeks to discuss tamoxifen - she said we can discuss HER2 then. xxx