Her2 2+ awating FISH

I am new to this sight and this is my first post. I have some of my biopsy results which I understand I think. I am the type of individual who needs to be in complete control of my illnesses (I have Systemic Lupus) and my GP’s accommodate me in this however, BC is not something I would pretend to know much about as I NEVER thought it would happen to me. I mean, how much bad luck can one person have? Anyway, I have read individuals with Her2 2+ awaiting FISH will generally be Her2+ in 80% of the cases. When I spoke to the breast nurse she said not to worry about it because it is very unlikely I would be Her2+ since I am ER+(75% 7/8) and PR+ (85% 8/8). The rest of the results are Ki67 31.9% Grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma (B5b). I am having a mastectomy with complete lymph node clearance on 16 July. Radiation treatment should not be an option in my case unless there are no other choices due to the lupus. They also told me my tumour is an inch or so. I hope someone can help me make sense out of all this because I feel I am not in control anymore.

I had a FISH test last year and was negative - I thought the stats were that about 3/4 of FISH tests were negative. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done). Good luck for your results and treatment.


I was ER 8/8, PR 8/8, and HER2 2+, and then FISH positive. I was grade 3.

However, because of my small tumour (2.1cm) and no nodes or vascular invasion, I was told that I only needed to have rads, zoladex and tamoxifen. I didnt need chemo because of small lump, no nodes and 100% for both hormones. This meant without chemo I could not have Herceptin, but my onc said the risks would outweigh the gains as chemo and herceptin together would only add 3% to my prognosis. This was 2.5 years ago.

I dont really understand this FISH test business. I wonder if HER2 2+ FISH positive is not as aggressive as HER2 3+ (positive)?

What is FISH ?

I couldnt actually tell you what it stands for, but they do it if you are HER2 2+ to determine whether you would benefit from herceptin. HER2 1+ is negative, HER2 3+ is positive, but HER2 2+ is in between.

Hi there

a HER2 2+ positive on FISH test and a HER2 3+ are both HER2 positive

but a her2 0, 1+ or 2+ with neg FISH test are negative… it can be confusing when people write HER2+ cos you dont know whether it means they are or arent actually positive… think they may need to find some way of clarifying it.

btw FISH stands for Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (dont actually know what that is though).

SLC i dont think that being ER positive makes a difference to whether you are HER2 +ve or not otherwise they wouldnt need to do the FISH test… but will be keeping my fingers crossed that she is right… you said your having a complete node clearance does that mean you have positive nodes? if you do they are more likely to offer chemo… but if your nodes are negative they usually do a sentinel node biopsy rather than a full clearance at the outset so you dont need to have more invasive surgery than needed.

good luck with your test


Hi there! I am brand new to this sight, though was diagnosed with bc back in Jan 1010. S much has happened since then. I have been made redundant, my husnand and I have split up, and because of my stupid stubborn inedepemdence to decide I cna beat this no matte what, I have nooo idea what a lot of you guys are talking about!!! However, do knwo this, had a grade 2 cancer, 11x12. There was talk of FISSH but o’t now te results. I do know it’s shrunk to 3.5x4.5 and surgery is now scheuduled for nxt Tuesday ( typical as I was taking the kids on hols this Friday for a week!! Dn’t you just live that???).
Anyway, a quite scared for lots of reasons. So would love a good lyck story - or even wish!

I just spent ages posting a text to you to wish you luck and my pc crashed and I burst into tears!! I hate that!! It’s so unlike me!! Hey ho, I guess that’s BC. I am heading into hospital next Tuesday ( when I should have been on hols with my kids. .)or an MX and recon using tummy tissue. Despite the fact I sooo get I get a tummy tuck, I am facing 10 hours of surgery alone and I am actually really scared ( having had 2 kids without pain relief, so realise I need to get a life!!).
Hope you are feeling OK1? One good thing about BC, is, it has taught me that being up at 3 in the morning can actually be quite cool!!
LOL. Sxxxx