HER2+ And Scared

Hello ladies. I had my wide local excision and sentinal node biopsy on 17th and so far feeling better everyday. However I have am HER2+ and reading online I have found some not so positive stories about recurrence etc. Anyone have any positive stories to share?

Hi  Helen


My WLE had clear margins and there was no node inolvement but the histology showed that my cancer was Her2+ so my adjuvant treatment is chemo (FEC-T), Herceptin, radiotherapy and Tamoxifen and I’m currently coming towards the end of my first chemo cycle - have you had your treatment plan yet ?


My Oncologist said that the prognosis for her2+ cancers used to be poor but since the chemo and Herceptin treatments came about it is now very good and, if you read some of the literature on the recommended sites it even goes as far as to say that with the hormone targeted therapies we have as good, if not better prognosis as her2-ve.


I have been talking to ladies who have gone through the same treatment and they remain cancer free. Hopefully, in time (as long as we don’t get knocked over by a bus) we will be those positive stories xx


Sarah x

Hi Helen. I’m her2+ve and have had neo-adjuvant chemo and mastectomy. I had a really good rest to the chemo with a complete response. I was also grade 3, 2 tumours and a metastatic lymph node in my breast.
My chemo was FEC T with Herceptin and Pertuzamab as targeted therapies.
My post mastectomy results show no evidence on cancer and all 11 lymph nodes were clear.
There is hope with her 2+ve. Yes it can have a higher recurrence rate but each person is an individual and your body will respond differently. Herceptin is a real wonder drug and has produced amazing results. Please don’t focus on the negative. You have to try and stay positive to get through all this.
I would avoid Googling her2 as there are lots of awful stories. I stuck to this site, cancer research and MacMillan.
I hope you continue to recover well and avoid SLou’s bus. Xx