HER2 & ER+ long term survivors

Just wondered if there were people out there that could share their success stories of having had herceptin AND tamoxifen and doing well and happy? Xx

Hi Emma I don’t come onto the forum very often now but it’s been like a lifeline to me and I’ve met some fantastic ladies through it I was diagnosed in November 14 had surgery in the December followed by chemotherapy radiotherapy and a year of herceptin I finished treatment in December 15 I’m back at work only part time but thoroughly enjoying getting back I’m currently taking letrozole for the next five years I’m older than you so the oncologist chose this hormone therapy as I am post menopausal I do have a few side effects with that mostly joint pain which a lot of other ladies suffer with I’m due my second mammogram in four weeks so fingers crossed there are a lot of other ladies a lot more years down the line from me but I’m happy with coming up to two years I was ecstatic after my first clear mammogram so that’s my story sending you a huge hug and wishing you lots more happy years ahead love Judi xxxxxxx