Her2 grade 3, now found in lymph nodes and multiple sites in breast

So I was diagnosed with grade3 HER2 + 3 weeks ago. I’m starting treatment on Tuesday.

i had a sentinel node biopsy last week ‘just to be sure’ that it wasn’t in my lymph nodes. They also did an MRI

the consultant has called today to say that it is in lymph nodes and that the MRI shows that it is extensive in the breakfast in multiple sites. he is going to arrange a CT scan and start treatment as originally planned.

im going stratospheric now worrying that it has spread, I asked him about it and seems negative to me. Does anyone have any experience to tell me what is likely?

my husband has just gone off to London to do his first freelance job since before Covid and I really don’t want to tell hi, yet as I know he’ll come straight back and he’s due back at  the weekend anyway, but it will cause loads of problems if he either comes home or can’t concentrate on the job.

ive got 2 daughters at home, I’ve just sent them out for the day with money for pizza. I know you are supposed to be open and honest, but last week I promised them that I’m not going to die, they cure this (which is what I was told) And now I’m petrified! 

my BCN is off today, I don’t know what to do.

Renpen Please do call the number on here if you can and speak to someone. It’s easy to go stratospheric when you have x-ray for this and scans for that and you don’t really get told why, your mind starts breaking the sound barrier it races do much. Please do try and keep there are so many treatments about they will know what to chuck at it and keep trying things to chuck at it Your team will support and take care of you Please do speak to them and ask questions you want answers to if you want some answers about what treatment plan going forward will be. It’s easy to try and protect loved ones from what’s going on, but they are in this with you too :two_women_holding_hands: and will be trying to protect you from seeing their concerns too :two_women_holding_hands: remember they would do anything to fix this but they can’t they too are trusting your team and your team along with family and breast cancer now and everyone on here and any other groups you are in will :two_women_holding_hands: keep tight hold of you and help each step of your journey :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi renpen 

I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. Just to give you a positive slant, 19 of the 21 nodes removed when I had full axillary clearance were infected. I had a bone scan, CT scan and, later, two MRIs. There has been no sign of any spread. Basically, the lymph nodes have been doing their job very effectively and chemo and radiotherapy, followed by hormone therapy and six-monthly zometa infusions (all manageable if not great fun), have done their best to kill off any invisible little blighters that might have escaped detection. I hope you too find that your nodes were doing their job well. I won’t advise you to think positive - if you can, you will. I would urge you not to go it alone though. Partners tend to get very indignant that they’ve been kept out of the loop, no matter how altruistic the motive  

Take good care of yourself x

Hi, it’s easy to say but try not to worry. Your medical team will put in place the right treatment plan for you. Her2+ is aggressive however it is very treatment sensitive and thankfully for this cancer profile targeted therapies such as Herceptin and Perjeta are available. These have been a game changers for this cancer profile. Ive  just finished 14 months of treatment for stage 3 Her2+ BC. I had a very large tumour and the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes and was in my blood system. I’ve had surgery,  chemo, radiation, Herceptin and Perjeta. The treatment has been successful and my oncologist had advised that the chance of the cancer reoccurring is very low.  I was shocked when I was first diagnosed and it fair to say I went through a roller coaster of emotions over the first few weeks. I was to determined to fight this with everything I had as I have too much to loose - I must be around to see my kids grow up. 

take care