her2 negative

her2 negative

her2 negative hi , have started chem now , not doing too bad just shattered.
was wondering what treatment are you ladies with her2 negative are getting fo bone and liver mets?
im still so scared about all this /
thanks Tracy

Hello Tracy Her2- is good. When I was told I was HER2- I was all worried I couldn’t have herceptin but it’s good we don’t need to have it. I’m currently having FEC for my liver mets but I’m also hormonal so will possibly try another hormonal drug when finished. Are you ER+?

There are many, many women here doing well with liver mets and would guess not one of us are having the same treatment. The good news is there is treatment, plenty lovely chemos to try and new things are being developed all the time. It’s no wonder you feel scared, I’m 2 years since dx and still get wobbly moments but it does get less scary and less overwhelming.

Good luck with your chemo

Love Twinkle xoxo

thanks twinkle , it means so much to get these replies it helps me so much , i find it so hard to get motivated at the moment even though its mothers day today and we are out for lunch soon .
i have bone mets to so i cand have what you are having to rid the mets sadly . your in the uk twinkle ? i guess you are .
i will be here every day as i feel i need constant support at the moment .
thanks Tracyxx

and yes twinkle i am er positive xx

Hi again Yes I’m in the UK, Scotland. I too have bone mets (see my profile) so also have zometa. Bisphosphonates are very good so you should be having something like pamidronate, zometa or the oral one ibandronate.

Perhaps after your chemo you will have a little break or you may go onto a hormonal like arimidex?

Happy Mother’s Day

Love Twinkle xoxo

thanks twinkle . yes i am ona bone strenghtner also , since saturday tho have had cramp like pains in my back (could this be due to chemo ?)
went out for mothers day but didnt feel into it , all i seem to do is stare into space at the moment . have bloods at lunchtime today to see how things are .
will bbl xx

Hello Dear Tracy,

I too have bone and liver mets. I was diagnosed all at the same time and am her2 neg also and am strongly eostrogen +. I had AC chemo first x 6 and was ‘stable’ and ‘contained’ by the last cycle. I then went onto Tamoxifen and monthly Zoladex injections and have been on this regime for nearly a year now and it is holding things stable. I know things will kick off again at some point and a change in the hormone therapy or more chemo will be on the cards but the longer this current regime works the better !!! I do keep reminding myself there are lots of other treatments available and new ones on the horizon !!

It takes a long time to get your head round a diagnosis like this and I didn’t think I would make it to Christmas (diagnosed Oct 05) but I am still here and doing OK. Its natural to be totally consumed by it but I do think you get use to living with it and hopefully slowly you will start to have more good times than bad, it takes time though.

Oh I also have IV pamidronate for my bones every month.

Take care,


yes thats the bone strenghtner i am on too , still got cramps but are eased with anadins .
am so tired at the moment , went for bloods yesterday and the counts were fine but still early days and they didnt expect them to drop yet tho.
i did ask about the rda on the the liver and they told me that they get such a good responce with chemo thay dont tend to do this? wether they would do if the chemo didnt work for me i dont know , so many questions i have it gets so overwhelming .

sorry FEC on liver . chemo brain already!

day 10 and am exhausted as red and white cells have dropped quite alot . get bit breathless also due to lack of red blood cells , did anyone else find this?

Hi Tracy I was warned that I might feel breathless if my red count went down and not to worry. It’s difficult to know what to do when on chemo as boosting your immune system can be counterproductive but I do take a multi vitamin/mineral and also have a glass of V8 juice (berry flavour best) and this seems to have helped keep my red count stable.

My white cell count has significantly went down now and (touch wood) I’ve not had any problems. My first week is always the hardest nothing in particular just feel a bit out of sorts but I still work for a few days a week and am out and about. Once you’ve got the first cycle out the way you’ll have a better idea how it’s affecting you.

I hope it’s as straightforward for you as it has been for me, the anticipation was worse.

Good luck, take care

Love Twinkle xoxo