Her2+ post treatment bone and joint pain


Was diagnosed with grade 2 Her2+ IDC BC (age56) in Feb 2023 (2.5 mm lump/1 sentinel lymph node positive). Had surgery March lumpectomy and first line of lymph nodes. Started chemo (carboplantin/doxotaxil) and phesgo April. Radiotherapy Sep. Last phesgo injection May 2024! Had rotten side effects and subsequent hospital admissions. Couldn’t maintain K,Mg and Ca levels. Everything totally fine once chemo finished. Was so so grim but doable. Had follow up mammogram April 2024 no abnormalities detected. So so grateful and relived. The problem I have now is severe joint pain in hips, lower back, knees, feet and sometimes hands. I had a frozen shoulder from PIC line and immobility which is improving slowly. Consultant said it was a trade off with the chemo. Which I accept as the alternative is far far worse. So I’ve read side effects of ibondrinic acid is back and joint pain. Which stops when you finish taking them (another 2.5 years to go). Has anyone else got significant post treatment mobility problems/joint pain and did this get better after time? How did you deal with it. So I did manage to move to Australia in May to join my husband. My GP here has referred me to an oncologist who apparently will continue to monitor.