Her2 results not available to inform treatment?

If you google this, you will find the article I am talking about:
“Women With Aggressive HER2 Positive Breast Cancer May Miss Out On Chemotherapy And Trastuzumab”

According to this, only 26% of 200 clinicians in the North of England said that her2 test results were normally available when they were needed at the multidisciplinary meeting to inform treatment decisions. I was wondering if this matched with people’s experiences.

I think that it is pretty foolish if this is the case because her2 positive cancers tend to respond more to chemo, not to mention herceptin.

I live in the North West,am HER2+,have had chemo and currently being treated with Herceptin


Hi Christine,
I was diagnosed on 1st Jan and was told I was HER2 at my clinic appointment on 18th Jan.I then started Chemo and Herceptin on 31st Jan.I have had secondaries from the beginning so everything moved very fast for me.
Alli x

I was told I was HER2+++ from the beginning Dec 7th 05. They confirmed I would get herceptin fairly soon after, I do not think there was ever any doubt as I had 8/21 nodes infectedI get my treatment in Edinburgh.

louise xx