HER2 status


when I had my original primary I was told I was HER2 neg. Now several years down the line with liver and bone mets, I have been offered the chance to take part in a trial. Apparently  even if you biopsy was HER2 neg I could still have some HER2. They have done a blood test to confirm and if it finds HER2 I can take part with drugs for HER2 pos tumors.

Sorry if I have not explained it well but i don’t fully understand it.

Just wondered if anyone had been told anything similar. Go back in 3 weeks to get result and see next line of treatment.



That sounds really interesting Sarah , I hope it gives you and others some more options for treatment .You could also ask about this in the Ask the Nurses section and you can request a call back from the nurses to discuss also . Good luck with your treatment . Jill x

Hi Sarah,

This sounds interesting can I ask the name of the trial and the hospital running it please.

I too have liver and bone mets HER neg

Thank you

Debs x