HER2 Test - still waiting

Hiya, I’d be grateful for any advice/reassurance that anyone could give please. I had surgery (mastectomy with immediate recon & level I & II axillary clearance) over 3 months ago but I am still awaiting the results of the HER2 test. Up until now I have not been overly worried since I had read on this forum that in some instances the results have taken up to 2 months. However, a little episode recently has got me worrying that they have mislaid my tissue on which to do the test in the first place so that even if I was positive they wouldn’t be able to tell me. Has anyone had to wait longer than 3 months for the results of the test and does anyone know if it is possible to carry out the test on anything else other than on the tissue/tumour, i.e. blood test etc…

Many thanks for your help and hope to hear from you.


hi naz its anna, did you have a biopsy to begin with? i know they test what they remove as well so the chances of both results going missing is nil. phone caroline up!!!

Hi Anna, how you are doing? I hope that the radiotherapy is not wearing you out too much and that you are coping with the indignity of it okay. I have spoken to Caroline and she’s told me that she’s chased the dept - twice now. You’re right, though, the likelihood of them mislaying the results of the biopsies (I had 4) and after the surgery is nil - its just that I’m worried that they haven’t carried out the test at all - and that now it is too late. I know I am probably being paranoid but until I get the results I probably will be!

How many more sessions have you got left? No doubt you are counting the days!

My results took four months but every hospital is different.

I got my results when I got path report - one week after my mastectomy - but I know from other posts on here that that is certainly not the norm

Magz x

Hi Naomifel

I had my biopsies done via the NHS, but paid for them to be analysed privately so that they’d come back quicker. I got the results that same week but can’t remember whether at that point I knew I was HER2+. When I saw the oncologist 3 weeks later for him to give me my treatment plan, I definitely knew I was HER2+ and having Herceptin.

Ruby xx

Thank you all for replying - i’ve been told not to worry about it but the longer it takes the more worried I become. Apparently, at our trust they tend to test in bulk!

Four months seems like an excessively long time to wait but I shall give it another few weeks.

Thank you again.

Naz x

P.S. I’ve got my next dose of chemo to worry about instead now!