HER2 Triple Positive - new member (August 2019)

Hi everyone.  Having been diagnosed in July, I was originally going to have a lumpectomy or mastectomy followed by radiotherapy.  But when I went for my appointment with the surgeon they’d had more results in that showed my cancer is HER2 positive - which changed things dramatically (I thought I was going to ‘get away’ with having chemo).


So now I’ll be having 18 cycles of SACT, including 6 chemo at 3-weekly intervals (although I’m not sure whether the Ontruzant/Herceptin will be at longer intervals once the chemo is over).  I will also be having Zoledronic acid to help bone strength, but only once I have obtained a report from a dentist. There seems to be so much to do and sort out!


I had my first chemo last week (Weds 7th) and was fine for first couple of days, but have felt very nauseous (only been sick once) and nasty ‘other end’ business for the last 3 days.  Has anyone else been able to identify a pattern of good and bad days?  I had to have another biopsy (lymph nodes) yesterday and it was an early morning appointment, which I think didn’t help at all and I felt awful all day.  SO tired too.


Just thought I’d introduce myself and wish everyone else on here the very best of luck with their treatment.  I’m scared, but am trying to remember that the drugs are my friends and that they will be fighting for me against the Evil Lump as we have named it.  Best wishes to all  xx

Welcome to the forum Julie - you will get lots of support and advice if you post on the August 2019 chemo starters thread - most people do find that similar patterns emerge each chemo cycle  so hopefully you can prepare for next time round and ask for additional medication/ help from your team to help you manage these next time .