herbal remedies

Hi all - i have been on tamoxifen now for a couple of years the joint pains & HOT /COLD FLUSHES are unbearable - no one can advise me if there is anything thats safe to take to stop/keep these under control - i hardly sleep at night now making getting up for work an absolute nightmare


sage seems to work for some  women and is safe with tamoxifen.Certain medication like venlafaxine will help with hot flushes (they are dreadful, aren’t they?).My oncologist also told me that HRT  is sometimes used along tamoxifen- but of course it is very individual…

i have read the following, probably it is a good idea to discuss with your dr… "Two years of adjuvant endocrine therapy for premenopausal breast cancer protected against metastatic recurrence for 20 years, a new analysis of a randomized trial showed."Of course , it is important to take into account what is % of benefits in your case- it depends.