Hi, started Tamoxifen in May, but really struggling with the flushes and not sleeping, can anyone recommend herbal remedies that i would be able to take? :dotted_line_face:

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Best to go to a professional herbalist who has knowledge of cancer treatment and also check with your oncologist. Certain herbs are contraindicated.


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Hi, Thetawave,
Thanks for that, was trying to ride it out, but now im back at work i need my sleep. Xx

Hi Happyfeet

I hope you are doing well. Always best to discuss with your doctor or oncologist. I was suggested to take oil of evening primrose, which helped heaps. I eventually went and had an oophorectomy, which i honesty can say has been marvellous. i have had no hot flashes since.
I am stage 4, so it was part of my treatment plan and i no longer needed the monthly zoledex implants. It was a big decision but i have two beautiful teenagers already. I also heard certain antidepressant can help too, but always check with your medical team. Wishing you all the best Sister 🩷🩷

Hi Cherry38,
Thanks, i will make an appointment with my GP and see what they say. My HRT was stopped in January when i recieved my diagnosis, and i wasnt bothered with symptoms, but dont know if i had other things to worry about ie my cancer, but since starting my Tamoxifen its been torture. Xx

Hi @Happyfeet08, whilst not herbal i have had several courses free at cancer centres of auricular accupunture with a good effect. I am on warfarin life long and many herbal remedies interact with ut. Just a thought. Ut was also very relaxing and time out for me! 4 sessions at time then a break takes just under an hour. Xx

Hi @Happyfeet08

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