Herceptin and Depression

I started chemo treatment last September and continued Herceptin as a stand alone in January. My entire body aches within twenty four hours, I feel nauseous, I cannot get off the couch. I went to bed at 8:00pm and woke up feeling overwhelmed with sadness. Raising three teenagers at the same time, only parent. I get that, but my entire body hurts and my mind is tired from faking it that I am just fine. I should be happy, they say the cancer responded to chemo and surgery with no trace of it left. The doctor said, Herceptin is saving my life so I need to just cope with the side effects and they will subside. It doesn’t make it easier. Thanks for reading and listening. #myleftboob #her2+ #lumpectomy #cancerfree #herceptinsucks

Hi Heidi, 

im so sorry you’re feeling so down. But I get it I really do. I too have bad days and can’t carrying acting as if everything is ok when I feel so crap. My Onc also said to put up with it !!!

We really have been through the worst of it and as we have got this far, I never thought I would, we can get through anything. 

When my chemo finished everyone seemed to think I was cured and perfectly ok again!, No!!! I then had Surgery followed by Radiotherapy with awful burns, and  3 weekly Herceptin throughout plus the side effects!!! 

All I can say is try not to hide how you feel. Tell those around you and they will probably be more than happy to help/support you. YOU are what is important if you need to stay in bed do it, if you need to cry do it. put yourself first. Ask to speak to your Breast Care Nurse she may be able to give you the name of a counsellor. 

Best wishes Di