Herceptin and Gym

Hi Ladies

I’m in the middle of my 18 Herceptin doses (had IBC DX nov last year, finished chemo in March, MX in April) and started to go to the gym yesterday. My ECHO’s were fine so far. My heart rate is always a bit high in rest, around 85-95 and when doing the work out at the gym yetserday the rate went up to 145 -159. Now I wonder if this is OK whilst on Herceptin??

I will ask the onc about it, but won’t see her for another four weeks.


I would have a word with one of the trainers in the gym. I had 18 lots of Herceptin from March last year until February this year and started back at the gym in July last year after I had finished rads. The trainer started me off on a “baby” programme as the chemo had left me very unfit and weak and gradually worked back up. I am just about back to where I was before all my treatment started now.
Whilst on Herceptin I had a couple of Echos which were low and had it stopped once for 6 weeks. I also saw a cardiologist who gave me extra medication which I took. At no point though did he or my oncologist tell me to stop exercising.
When I do cardio my heart rate regularly goes up to around 160 but for me that is my “fat burning” zone and as everyone is different, that is why I would have a chat with the trainer.

I spoke to a different trainer at the club who does all the medical clients. She knew Herceptin etc and changed my exercise program to make it easier. She said this is more about rehabilitation just now. My heart rate goes now to 145 max and I feel more confident with this. I also saw the BCN the other day for prosthesis fitting and told her about the gym and she said it’s good for me. I really enjoy the gym :slight_smile: