Herceptin and Hair loss/ slow growth

Is anyone on herceptin and noticed hair loss or slow hair growth?
I started to get my hair back after chemo but never recovered my eyebrow’s although lashes did come back?
It’s all very strange why some hair would come back but not another?
I have noticed my hair falling out YET again and I am nearly finished herceptin,my trial nurse has also noticed my hair is falling out again.
S E List Herceptin doesn’t USUALLY cause hair loss usually!
Thats no good to me is it? when it’s falling out again!
I saw someone who was 6 months behind me well I couldn’t believe her hair! it was 4 times thicker than mine and twice as long it’s not fair.
Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Hi caron,I didn’t have Herceptin, but my eyebrows have not returned and my hair still falls a bit and is thin on top.I had FEC/TAX chemo(finished 2+ years ago) and TAX can cause permanent hair loss(although very rare)and I am on tamoxifen,don’t know if that causes hair to fall out though.Also chemo put me in the menopause and one of the symptoms so Iv’e been told can be hair loss.

Best wishes love Mel xx

Hi Caron

I had FEC/TAX which finished December 2008 and then Herceptin which finished December 2009 and I am still wearing a wig now. My hair started to grow when chemo finished but really really slow, eyebrows and lashes were also slow but are virtually there now but with a few gaps. Hair on legs unfortunatley came back immediately (typical!!). My hair has started to grow a lot more in the last couple of months but on the crown I do still have a large bald patch but that has started to get a bit fluffy lately so fingers crossed that will hopefully be growing properly soon. I did mention it to onc a couple of months ago and he said he was very surprised at the rate it was growing and that it is unusual but unfortunatley there is no ‘miracle cure’. I also did read about TAX causing permanent hair loss and was worried for a while. I think it just depends on each person, before hand I thought my hair grew quick as I had lots of it but now …well I will have to wait and see if it comes back fully.

Sorry to go on a bit.

Debbie xxxxx

your the same as me then I started chemo Dec 17th 08 and finished in May 09 just finished the year herceptin now.
I showed my onc my nails as they were still affected by chemo still,my onc said it’s unusual too !! lol maybe thats what they say when they have no answer? lol
When we went on holiday I was snorkilng in a cove well when I saw the pics my hubby took I looked like a monk !!!
Needless to say they won’t be seeing the light of day !
Still no sign of eyebrows well ok I might have the odd one but nothing that resembles brows,I couldn’t even use them as a guide there is just nothing there ! no fair I know everyone’s different but I just knew I would be the one who’s different.lol

Melly I understand what your saying and I know tax can cause permanent hairloss although rare like you say,but my bcn said they should grow back as I’m classed a younger woman,anyway only time will tell. xxxxxxxxxxxx

I finished chemo mid August of 2014 and stayed on Herceptin.  My last treatment is on April 20th.  My hair has only grown one inch since I stopped chemo!  It’s thick enough except around the temples and I have a “bald” spot on top (front) - it’s SLOWLY filling in with “fuzz”.  I’m hoping that growth will pick up once I’m off Herceptin.  I’ve been using men’s strength Rogaine but not seeing much by way of results.  I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best after treatment ends as I am sick of wearing whole wigs!  I just need enough hair to wear a pony tail like I did before treatment…


Good luck!  

My hair was growing after chemo but now I am on just Herceptin it has slowed down considerably. Using pure Almond oil to try to speed it up. All the best.

I finished chemo in June 2017 and will finish Herceptin in February, 2018. My hair is growing very, very slowly with a bald spot on the crown. It is very discouraging especially when my hair grew quickly before the chemo. I am 64 years old and my age probably has something to do with the slow growth. I too am keeping my fingers crossed that when I am finished with the Herceptin that it starts to grow and THICKEN.

I just took 3  herceptin after camo but my hair not grown.


 I have been diagnosed with her2. Dr says I need herceptin and pertuznab. I have not started treatment yet. I’m so scared of side effects. How does the hair fall out? Is it straight away? Or is it thin hair fall out? I thought it was only chem that did hair fall out?

Please reply