Herceptin and heart problems

I’ve had 13 Herceptin injections so far with another 5 to go. My latest heart scan in April came back ok (63%) and I’m due to go for another scan next week.

Ive also got Long  covid so I’ve been suffering with breathlessness and pulled muscles near my ribs from coughing.

The last few days my cough has lessened but I’ve now got some mild chest pain - particularly when I breath in & out. 

If you had heart problems with having herceptin, how did they start?


Sorry you’ve not had a reply , just responding to bump it up and hopefully  someone with experience of this will respond :crossed_fingers:


I’ve had 9 Phesgo but had only had 7 when I was told my EF had gone from 63% to 44%. I’m now under a cardiologist who assures me it is only temporary. He says it’s the Herceptin part that causes it. He has put me on medication to protect my heart I did have another echo and I think they were expecting a change in EF but it’s the same so they are pausing my treatment for 6 weeks.

best wishes 

Karen x


I’m currently having phesgo (11/18 completed) and to have suffered with a reduced EF. I’m on 3 different heart tablets and it’s at around 45%. I don’t really suffer with any side effects - the main thing I have is an indigestion feeling in my chest (which I had all through chemo too). My echo’s are being done every 6 weeks instead of 12 so they can monitor closely. Due my next echo at the weekend so hopefully it won’t be worse so my treatment will continue

Hi I had the same with my original round of chemo. It soon started to improve and after Herceptin it was better. I was also on heart meds. I still am due to having chemo and Herceptin again. Hope your EF continues to improve.