Herceptin and Joint Pain

Hi all


I have read lots of posts on Herceptin but am trying to narrow down the cause of this joint pain.


I had 4 x FEC and tail end of last yeat beginning of this, all ok, 2 x lumpectomies, radiotherapy, I had herceptin originally with the FEC then sub cut, I have had 15 of 18 finish in December.  I am also on Letrozole, my joint pain started not long after starting Letrozole coincidence or not?  They took me off it for 8 weeks to see if it was that but no improvement.  I am now starting to think it could be the Herceptin or lasting effects of chemo or rads.


Anyway I am looking for ladies that might have completed Herceptin, does the pain subside at all.  Some days the pain in my hips is unbareable also in my hands and knees, I am exercising, taking fish oil and turmeric and use Jones for bones as someone else recommended it.


Just want to know if there is light at the end of the tunnel, or is this my life now :frowning:

Hello, I had chemo plus 18 injections of Herceptin.


You should take Claritin hay fever tablets for the aches:



I took 2 a day one in the morning and another at about 9.30 or 10 at night in case I could not sleep.


I put on a lot of weight with chemo and Herceptin but it comes off easily one you stop.


Make sure to take Vitamin D 3 as well.


It does all get better in the end xxx

Hi pinksister, i have had 14 herceptin with 14 to go! I have also been taking letrozole since April. I have stiff joints which get better when i walk. I am suffering with terrible shoulder pain since August, and a bone scan has shown i have arthritis in both shoulders! I am 51 and never had this before treatment. I am convinced it is tne letrozole! I will see if things improve after i finish herceptin in December xx

I’m sure it’s my anastrazole that causes most of my joint pain but the Herceptin certainly doesn’t help. It has got steadily worse. Like you I just keep moving and do quite a few stretches to try to keep everything moving. I’ve had 12/18. My shoulders hurt too Ali but I’ve had issues for years with my left one, too much hauling little kids around and I come from a family with upper back issues.
Hope you find something that helps PinkSister.and that things improve after Herceptin xx

Chaffinch did you start on letrozole and change to anastrozole or am i getting m8xed up? Xx

Not me sorry Ali, I’ve been on Anastrazole from the start, it seems far less commonly used than letrazole. I asked my onc why and she said it was just choice by each oncology centre and anastrazole was their drug of choice.
I think my trigger finger and sore finger and thumb joints are largely down to anastrazole but it’s a weak spot for me because I come from an arthritic family

Thanks Chaffinch. I am taking a monthsbreak from Letrozole as my shoulders are so bad and i have felt so very down. I am a person who can always give myself a taking to and pick myself up but for weeks now i havent been able to do that. After 7 days off i didnt think it was making a difference but yesterday and today i felt like a huge cloud has been lifted and ive felt like me again!! My shoulders are still sore and painful but i will see if they improve too! I know i will have to take some hormone blocker though xx

Glad you feel better Ali and hope your pain improves too. Xx

I 'm about half way through Herceptin which I started with Taxol (my second chemo) and I the arthritis in my knees has become much worse. I’d put it down to the Taxol as I had lots of other problems with this but now I’m wondering whether it’s actually the Herceptin. I’ve got an appointment for x rays of my knees this week to see whether any actual damage has been done.

Hi pinkk sister 

I have been told to have herceptin but after reading your pain in joints I’m scared… 

Please can someone put light on this subject. Is there pain due to herceptin or chemo?