Herceptin and low white cell count

Hi all,
i am half way through Herceptin and wondered if anyone else’s white cell count has been affected. I am now on the 5th lot of antibiotics for a chest infection and I am convinced its due to my body not being able too fight infection. I have had a blood test and my GP said my white cell count was low (she didn’t give me numbers). Has anyone else experienced this? I finished chemin beginning of August 2012 and am now on herceptin, zoladex and letrozole.

That’s a no then :slight_smile:

Rachael, Jane from our March fb page has a low blood count, can’t remember the details but she’s on herceptin too, might be worth asking her x

Hi Rachael,Iam on Herceptin and Letrozole,
I have one more dose of Herceptin to go!!iam in bed at the mo with 2nd chest infection and cold since christmas,oh and a uti about a week ago.Chest xray clear…I think the more herceptin we get the lower our immune systems go.
A lady i have got to be friends with at chemo unit who is on Herceptin keeps having repeat uti’s
Hope this helps,Heather x