Herceptin and Reconstruction


Ive just had No8 Herceptin, saw my surgeon last week and he hopes to do my reconstruction by Sept but a lady who was having Herceptin the same time as me said can they do it while your having Herceptin… anybody know ???

Many thanks Sally xx

My wife Janet and I went to the Herceptin Clinic on Monday (for the check-up after 5 doses) and the doctor asked whether she was considering a reconstruction. When she replied yes, the doctor made a point of saying that there is no problem having reconstruction whilst on Herceptin and that we should tell that to the surgeon if we need to.

Of course, different people have different circumstances, but there does seem to be what appears to be a myth being passed around about this. (There was a dreadful story on here from another lady last week, where her surgery was cancelled on the day apparently because of this!)

Hi im currently on herceptin and will not finish it untill december,i am on a waiting list to have a propholactic mastectomy with reconstruction, the herceptin clinic said they couldnt see any problem while on herceptin, but my surgeon said different, i have to wait untill the herceptin is finished, so it really depends on your hospital/ surgeon.I did get a phone call last week for me to go in on 13/6, they had forgot to take me off the list, so when i next go to the breast clinic in october i have to be asked to be put back on it.When i was put on the list my herceptin had been stopped as my heart had dropped below 50%. julie x

Hi there,
I’ve got 2 Herceptins left - yippee!! but my plastic surgeon wouldn’t do reconstruction until i had finished as she said seh didn’t want to put more pressure on my heart. Heart has been fine at each ECG.
Just think all depends on who you have do your opp. I’ve got a date for middle of August so hopefully will go ahead without any hitches.

Best of luck to you with rest of Herceptin.

Regards to Herceptin and Reconstruction is clearly a Surgeon and anesthetist preference , because as far as your Left Ventricular Function is preserved here is NO contra indication , just preference , it is a pity that is their preference not ours …
I had my reconstruction while on Herceptin after arguing with my Surgeon his reasons to postpone it !!! It went through with no hitches !!


As I posted a week ago, I was all set to have my reconstruction on 14th June, when I went to the hospital the same surgeon whom I saw back in Feb and who had told me that he needed a gap of 2 weeks went and change his mind to 4 weeks. My op is now next Monday 28th. It is definately a decision that has to be made between the anethiatist (sorry can’t spell it) and the Surgeon. The asnehiatist was saying that she was not prepared to put me under for 8 hrs plus when I had Herceptin only 2 weeks ago as it could interefer. I totally understand this but there does need to be clarification whether it has to be 4 weeks or indeed until treatment has finished. This has now caused concern in my hospital and I have just had a letter from my oncologist addressed to the surgeon stating that they all need to get together and come up with a decision. My only problem was that I was all gowned up and even signed the consent form before they decided that there was a problem. Having said this my Oncologist has also stated that he doesn’t see a problem with having reconstruction whilst on Herceptin, but he can’t make the anethiatist do her job. So fingers crosssed I am all set for next Monday.

All the best

carole xxx


thanks everyone for your comments, It seems to me to that there is no set rule for this… I shall ring my BCN and see what she says. thanks again

sally xx