Herceptin and the ‘flu jab

Anyone know if it is ok to have the ‘flu jab while in the middle of one year of Herceptin?
I like the idea of having the jab, but my immune system is definitely not 100% right now, so not sure if the jab is advisable.



Hi Rosie,

Thanks for your post. You may benefit from speaking to one of our clinical nurse specialists on 0808 800 6000. You can give them a call today and leave a message and they will call you back from Tuesday 1 September to chat through the answer to your question. Or if you prefer you could post your question to the Ask Our Nurses thread.

I hope this helps.

Sending you our best wishes,


My doctor had me get the flu shot at the 2 week mark after my herceptin which was one week before my next treatment.  I would double check with your doc to be on the safe side.  My oncologist told me last week that she wants me to get the flu shot by the end of September this year.