Herceptin and Zoledronic Acid

Hi everyone.

Just wondering if anyone else can put my mind at ease.

I had my 6th Herceptin today, and they have now told me that I need to have Zoledronic Acid by drip. I’ve read about it and am a little uneasy about the side effects and the overall reason as to why I am having it. In the information leaflet the hospital gave me, it mentions the bones, so I am paranoid now that I’m going to have a reacurrance in my bones.
I thought I was just left with Herceptin injections to go through after already having surgery, chemo and radiotherapy,but now I have these. 

My nodes weren’t affected when they were tested after my surgery last year, so I am hoping and praying that they are suggesting this treatment to prevent a recurrence.

Does anyone know if this is common for people to be given this?

im a bit anxious now and worried that they might be hiding something from me. I pray not .

Kaz x

Hi Kazza

Zolendronic acid has become a pretty standard treatment now…and not just for HER2+ BC …not only is it used to reduce the risk of spread to the bones but it also can slow down or prevent bone damage ( which can be caused by taking hormone therapy).

look across the threads and many many ladies have this now as part of their treatment

take good care


I’m due to have my first zoledronic acid treatment at the end of April. My breast cancer is oestrogen positive so I’m having Zoladex injections and Tamoxifen as well. My oncologist explained that it was to help produce a secondary cancer of the bones and to help prevent osteoporosis (which can be a side effect due to lack of oestrogen suddenly being in my body). I’m 43 and he said I will have this treatment every 6 months for 3 years. He said there was a list of side effects, like with most things, but the main one people get is flu like symptoms for up to 5 days. I’m having to have a dental check up before the treatment as once you have it it can mean if you need dental work things might not heal as easy. I’m also having a hormone blood test as he said only post menopausal ladies can have this treatment. The Zoladex injections should make me post menopausal so therefore ok to have the zoledronic acid. My consultant was very positive about this treatment.I hope this helps.

Sending many positive vibes.


Hi, I’ve just finished 6 rounds of chemo and had my 1st Zolendronic acid infusion along with the last Docetaxel. My nodes were negative too after surgery but I’m not having Herceptin (long story) My team were very clear this was an additive to help prevent bone metastases in the future and a regular treatment offered now to TNBC and Her2+ patients now that they know it helps prevent osteoporosis too. 

It’s completely natural to worry about possible spread in the future but nature will do what it does and our oncology teams do all they can to try and sway the risk factors in our favour. I hate taking any drugs at all but have learned to trust that sometimes we just need to consider the longer term possibilities. The main side effects are a flu like feeling and joint aches. I was told the 1st one is generally the worst and then often people don’t react negatively to the rest. Apparently some people find taking Clarytin antihistamine helps? I took Naproxen and paracetamol for pain relief during my Taxol chemo as that and the Filgristim injections causes bone/muscle/joint/jaw pain for me and found if I rested when I needed to and used heat and Epsom salts warm baths I could cope. 

I hope you have had a chat to your team and they have put your end at ease that they are not hiding anything from you. Best of luck with the rest of your treatment!