Herceptin / Avastin?

Hi Ladies

Anyone else on Herceptin and Avastin and getting regular nose bleeds? I’m going to mention at next appointment with onc, but just wondered if it was just me, or a side effect from one of the drugs.


Carly x


Not on avastin, but am on herceptin, my nose leaks blood and mucous a lot ( tmi?). Not big gushes, but pretty continuous leaking. I have read this is not uncommon.


Hi Carly,
I’m on herceptin too, and have small nose bleeds now too. Still on Tax though, which prob not helping. Good luck, hope yours are not too severe,

Hi Carly

I have a runny nose at times and every so often its bloody - I wouldn’t call it a full nose bleed as it isn’t heavy. It soon stops after a few minutes. I also worried about it but have a couple friends that have had herceptin and they suffered from the same thing. I’ve been on herceptin for almost 2 years (started with chemo) and this has actually got better as time has gone on.