Herceptin by injection

Hi All

had herceptin intravenously but elected to change over to injection.  Had first injection today so had to be monitored for 6 hours afterwards.  Have a swelling on thigh near injection site.  Anyone else experienced side effects with injection?  Would love to hear your stories xxx










That is the plan they have put me on so I shall watch this thread with interest. I am starting next week with a loading dose of Herceptin on the Thursday and chemo on Friday. After that I have everything at the same time for 6 rounds then injections of Herceptin. I have to stick around for 6 hours on Thursday too because it is my first time.

Hi Ladies sorry didn’t see this thread.  I have injections.  Top tip is to put Emla/ametop cream on your leg an hour before & then you don’t feel a thing.  I also have that bulge until it’s absorbed in.  Generally I have it after the injection,but not when I have a bath a night, so don’t really know how long it takes to go as that is about 3-4 hours later.  No side effects apart from a bit weary on the following weekend, so 5 days after, but gone by Monday & sometimes doesn’t appear at all.  I have 3 more to go, so nearly at the end of my 12 months & just starting to wonder what happens when the injections stop.  Must remember to ask as have last doc appt with the last one in Oct. Did you have to have chemo? I was told there was a trial for just Herceptin I might be eligible for, but then my grade was increased after surgery so no more mention of that.  Good luck X