Herceptin - Coming to the End!

I have just one more Herceptin to go in October. For those who have finished did they notice any differences after infusions stopped. i finished taxotere last Nov 08 and my hair, nails, and eyebrows are still only growing at half the rate they were before. Will it ever recover. I am also on Arimidex. I wondered if Herceptin affects hair as well. It is hsrd to tell.

Hi Starfish,

I finished herceptin in December 2008. I can’t remember when my nails started getting better, but now they no longer disintegrate when I file them. I think that they are not as strong as they used to be, but they are certainly a lot better.

I finished tax july 06 and herceptin june 07.

Nails still break and one finger nail still splits down the middle, I clip regularly to try and strengthen, big toe nails still tender and look manky so wear nail varnish.

hair all over groing like mad expect eyebrows which I fill in and eye lashes which I use lengthening and thickening mascara.

am currently still on tamoxifen but was told its probably the taxotere by my onc as still get fluid retention on occassion in feet and ankles.


Hi Debbie

Sounds like my symptoms are similar to yours! I have scant eyebrows used to thick. I also find eyelash thickener brilliant.
I also have one nail which keeps splitting down the middle.
And I am interested to hear about the fluid retention which I also have! | didnt have it before cancer dx.
Many thanks for replying.
S x