Herceptin infusion time being cut

Hi all,

All my 10 Herceptins so far have been given over 90 minutes at the chemo unit in my hospital. The nurses told me last time that from now on all Herceptin is to be given over just 30 minutes, but patients receiving it will still have to stay in the unit for an hour and a half afterwards in case of a reaction.

Has anybody else gone from 90 to 30 minute infusions without any problems?


I have heard that in some places it is given over 30 minutes but mine are normally 90 minutes. I once had it over 60 minutes and had an awful headache. It may have been a coincidence of course.

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Thanks for your reply Anne.

I have to say that the reason I am concerned about switching to 30 minutes is that I have noticed that I always get a two-day headache following the infusion. I have Herceptin 3-weekly on a Thursday and the headache starts on the Saturday. It’s not a coincidence, it happens every time.

I have an appointment with my oncologist the day before each Herceptin, and I haven’t yet mentioned the headaches to him as have forgotten it by then - but this time I will! I certainly don’t want to suffer more than I have to.

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Hi I have had 8 so far,first one was 90 mins to gauge reaction,next 2 where an hour,then rest have been 30 minutes,no need to stay after, was told that guidelines have changed and they prob give too much any way.I have been fine with them,however a lady with me had hers changed back to an hour because of reaction,so again we all react differently

Thanks Maryfrod. I’ve been told the guidelines have changed too, and wouldn’t mind gradually reducing to an hour then 30 mins, just a bit worried about the sudden drop in time and how I may react!


I have it over 30 minutes (just completed no 9 on Thursday). I’m allowed home straight away-no need to wait around afterwards, so it really is all much easier. To be fair, I do feel the onset on the tiredness and aches almost immediately, but I do tend to feel a bit washed out the following day anyway, so it’s really jsut speeding up the process.
Incidentally, the reduction was immediate, and not gradual-in my case it’'s been perefectly manageable. Good luck!

Apart from number 1 which was given over 90mins all the rest, finished in March, were given over 30mins. I just nipped out of work for about 2 hours, to allow for travel, parking and waiting time. I had no problems - only manky veins.

Marilyn x

Hi girls,
I’ve been having my Herceptin over 30 mins for about 3 months now and not had any problems at all.I’m on my 13th next week.
Alli x

Thanks ladies. I suspect I am being a little too apprehensive, and feel reassured by your replies.

If I keel over I’ll let you know, lol!!


I’ve been on herceptin since oct 05 (anybody any idea how many I’ve had then since oct 05 to now and 3 weekly!!!) and apart from the first one which was a loading dose and the 3 hour stay afterwards, I have always had it over 30 minutes. Been really glad as I’ve had a lot of long chemos during this time so pleased to have it over 30 minutes.
Sure you will be fine but mention the headaches.

Kate I think that would make about 52 lots of herceptin! I am off to the Marsden this morning for my 85th I think!! But in all that time I have had it over 90mins. The Marsden still choose not to do it over 30mins. Ideally I wouldnt mind being switched from pamidronate to zometa and to 30min herceptin. That would shorten my infusion time from just over 3 hours to 45 minutes!