Herceptin injections HELP plz ( worried)

Hi everyone i have my last chemo Thursday TCHP as I’m Er and her2 positive Invasive ductal carcinoma 3cm Tumour 1 affected lymph node
Surgery Lumpectomy Feb

I’ve seen my oncologist today and my heart results weren’t that good after having Herceptin I’m hoping I can still have the 18 injections after chemo but is there any1 else who’s had the same problem and been offered any other drug to help keep the cancer away?

I’m so worried I’m 34 and don’t want my life to end anytime soon I want to watch my 15yr old daughter grow up!

Plz help Sam xxx

Hi Sam,  What have they said it has done to your heart? I am coming up to my third injection this week and have a 2nd heart scan in a few weeks. I was told they can give you medication to overcome any heart problems it causes. Maybe ask your oncologist about this, you definitely need to try and carry on with it. xx