Herceptin side effects

I am so happy to have found this forum.  I finished chemo in November 2019 and had my last herceptin 8/7/20.  I was on Letrozole but recently switched to Exemestane.  It took me around 3 months to start to get back to myself after chemo ended.  The time period between chemo ending and doing my herceptin treatments was manageable (low energy and insomnia).  I have been having a very rough summer of just not feeling well, low appetite and no energy.  I thought after my treatments ended that I would not be feeling this way because everyone keeps telling me that herceptin treatments are received well by most people.  It was comforting to read posts by others who also experienced low energy and fatigue.  I am taking 250mg of magnesium to help with the leg cramps and 5000mg of biotin to help with the nails (they still split and break).  Thankfully, I work in a school and was approved to work remotely until the end of the year because I do not think I could handle the commute with a full work week.

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