hi all,i have had 97 infusions of herceptin which is ongoing.is anyone else really tired on this.the last 2 months i have been getting more and more tired,dont know if its the herceptin or the cancer[secondarys].xx

Bump, in case the thread slips off the first page. Can’t help as I haven’t started herceptin yet, but hope others will be able to answer.

Or give the helpline a ring, they speak to loads of people and might be able to give you a view.

Ive had 8 herceptin and was tired at first but its getting better now. Thats a lot of Herceptin though so the body will find it tough.

I’m starting mine today. First of 17.
Will let you know.

Hi Janet
I haven’t had as many as you but I am finding myself more and more tired.I have had 16 Herceptins out of the 18 and the past couple of months have been feeling worn out.I have read other comments on here where people have said the last few Herceptins of the 18 were making them tired and that the effects build up and they didn’t realise how tired it was making them until they stopped.


Hi Janet

I’ve had 53 Herceptin and I would say I’m more tired. Every 6 weeks, I have Zometa with the Herceptin and I’m even more tired then. Sometimes I feel tired for no reason.
No sure if it’s the drugs or the cancer.

Sue x

Hi janet, i’ve had 40-something herceptin so far, like you will go on indefinitely. I am also tired a lot of the time, not the person i used to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the herceptin. But what can we do? I for one don’t want to stop it if it’s keeping me going. It’s hard to adjust though. Perhaps one never does completely.
Alison x

Started today on Her followed an hour later by Taxol.

I had a sudden rush of nausea/coldness for an hour before the Taxol started - it was after the saline, Herceptin, saline, pre-meds.

I fell asleep for an hour in the oncy room but that could have been all the IV anti-histas.

The pre-meds are different now; still some dex (steroid) and ondansetron (anti-emetic) but with 2 added antihistamines.

The only TTO (to take out) meds are metadopramide (a new anti-em) and ‘dom perignon’.

I have felt very vaguely gippy tonight so I took my meds and I’m fine, just a wee bit tired.

Hello everyone

I’ve just had my 9th Her today, I’ll have a total of 18. I feel tired (fatigued - it does feel different to being ‘tired’, sort of goes to my very core), but can’t tell if this is still the after effects of Rads (I had 25 fractions but finished that in May). I just keep on hoping I’ll slowly feel less tired… I’ve recently negotiated working shorter days and this is helping.

Take care all.

I’m not sure how many I am up to Janet - I reached my century in October 2009! so something like 130 now. I don’t find it makes me particularly tired, or at least it never used to. The trouble is I am on a lot of pain meds now and they definitely make me very drowsy. It may be worth mentioning it to your onc so they check your bloods etc. carefully in case there is any other reason.