Can I drive after having received the treatment?
Can I go abroad for a holiday while on Herceptin?

Hi Mary,

I have been on herceptin now for 4 years and have no problems with driving or going abroad. Any side effects on this drug are absolutely minimal in my opinion. I also drive myself to and from the hospital for treatment.


I’ve had no problems - I’ve had four so far. I flew to Australia two days after my second one. My job is going to mean increasing long haul travel and when I asked my onc about it, she has no problem with me doing that.


Hi Mary

You may find it useful to have a look at the Breast Cancer Care fact sheet on herceptin. You can find this by following the link below:


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When I switched to herceptin only I always drove myself to and from the hospital (25 miles each way) and was fine, also went abroad twice, Lanzarote and New york with no problems on insurance.


Personally although I can drive after the infusion I don’t really feel that I am 100% on the ball so I don’t- this drug affects us all differently and really other people having minimal side effects does not mean that you won 't feel affected. It is nothing like as bad as chemo though but I find it quite tiring. I also get joint pains and a stuffy nose. I feel fine about going abroad so don’t worry. Just don’t go somewhere where healthcare is poor and make sure you are insured. I stick to Europe at the moment as we have reciprocal health agreements.