Hi ladies I am having my last herceptin injection on 19th April. I have stiff and achy joints but rarely bad enough to take painkillers. I find that once I get going in the morning the stiffness improves through the day. I am doing the walk the night marathon in July so have been doing lots of walking to train for this. My nose sometimes runs but this has varied with each injection. I drink three or more pints of water a day. I do get tired so if I can have a little power nap to revive me. My top tips are drink plenty, exercise regularly, nap if you need to, as hard as it maybe keep smiling x

Thanks for that CL ?. I’m having my fourth on Wednesday so a long way to go yet. The third one affected me more with achy hips etc but like you I walk a lot and have an allotment. I too find regular activity really helps both mentally and physically. Thanks for the tips x