Here I go again!

Hi all

just been for biopsy results they said it’s triple negative invasive breast cancer and has spread to surrounding tissues. I had to literally cry and beg to be given these results as they wanted me to wait till next week!

my lymph node biopsy I had to do again apparently they didn’t have enough cells. So have to go back next week to see breast surgeon for results.

I was seen by clinical radiologist and breast care nurse who didn’t even realise I already had breast cancer in my left breast and lymph nodes removed years back!

Hi haffy

I’m so sorry you’re going through this mess yet again. This time may be a little different owing to the triple negative status but please don’t believe all the rumours and myths about it. There’s a lot of research going on in the field of TNBC and new drugs being trialled or in use.

Of course, you don’t know yet if it’s a recurrence or if it is a further development. I’m Stage 4 with TNBC. It turns out that one of my 2 tumours in 2018 was TN and it never registered with me. Tbh, I just buried my head in the sand and did as I was told. So I was surprised when I got my new diagnosis in March 2021 (and relieved I’d not known before). I have never asked for my prognosis at Stage 4 but I’m not daft and it’s well nigh impossible to miss certain things. So I can honestly say that I am still on my first line treatment after 16 months, hair intact, a bit (sometimes a lot) fatigued, with the cancer contained- months after statistically I should have popped my clogs.

You’ll know from your first experience that there is a LOT of waiting involved so you just have to go with the flow for now. Once you’ve got the basic results you may find that, being TN, it’s likely your biopsy will be sent hither and thither across the country, even Europe (mine’s gone to the USA) to determine what will be the most effect treatment for you. I hope they don’t take too long but meantime, be kind to yourself. If you suffer from anxiety, practise ways to manage it while you’re waiting. I swear by YouTube videos by Progressive Hypnosis. There are too many to recommend, some I’ve hated, but I’ve settled for a library of about 7 and listen to one every day. I say listen but I’m off with the fairies so I don’t think I’ve ever heard one to the end.

Wishing you all the best

Jan x