Here we go again???

So in August 2020 i was diagnosed with TNBC.  Underwent chemo, lumpectomy and 3 weeks of Rads which finished in July last year.

Had the normal anxiety which i think we all go through, every pain/ache we all think is it back.

All well really until i found a small lump same breast opposite side.  Lump is small and not painful as last one was.

Contacted breast cancer nurse who has informed me i need to go through GP.

After being caller 20 in a que this morning 50 mins later i finally get through to book an appointment. Only to be told doctor will call back to discuss if i need an appointment with him arrrrgh!!!

I know we are still going through covid but i do feel doctors are still hiding behind it.

I know i have to face upto the fact that i may have a recurrence but not sure i am strong enough to go through this again. 

I agree with you, I think that some doctors and surgeries are still stuck in a strange position of not returning to the forefront of STANDARD medicine and are filtering out far too many people through a set of processes like you encountered today. Its complicated isn’t it, and I’m sure they have pressures, but that is certainly how it looks and feels when you have a need for their help. Those who are suffering now are those who have issues unrelated to the pandemic.

Anyway, I digress. Firstly, I feel kind of ‘unqualified’ to respond to your message, an apology ;). I know very little about triple negative, nor the treatments, as my cancer type was very different. You have only just finished your physically and emotionally gruelling treatment 6 months ago, and I just wanted to reach out to you and offer you some support when you need to return to get something else checked out, which may or may not be a recurrence. You must be still exhausted from finishing your previous year of stress. I hope it won’t be another ‘here we go again’, but you know the drill and are reporting something quickly and hopefully can be seen quickly (after getting through the red tape at the surgery!). 

Not strong enough ? You just would be, having done it once you have shown your astounding inspiring strength, and you’d have everyone beside you again just as last time. I hope it doesn’t come to that though x